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NCB Management Services breached

NCB Management Services, a US debt collector, suffered a data breach that exposed sensitive financial data, including payment card numbers and security codes. The breach, which affected around 1.1 million people, occurred on February 1st, but NCB only discovered it three days later. The company has sent breach notification letters to affected users, assuring them that there have been no known instances of misuse so far. The attackers accessed financial account numbers or payment card numbers along with security codes, passwords, or PINs. NCB has indicated the possibility of paying a ransom to the attackers. However, cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies advise against giving in to ransom demands due to the risk of further attacks. NCB has promised affected users two years of identity theft monitoring services. Users are advised to review their credit reports, account statements, and notify their financial institutions of any unauthorized transactions or suspected identity theft.