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Metropolitan Opera in NYC Faces Lawsuit Over 2022 Data Breach

New York City’s Metropolitan Opera is facing a class action lawsuit after a data breach in 2022 that exposed the personal information of approximately 45,000 employees and patrons. The lawsuit, filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges that the breach compromised sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, and financial account information. The breach went undetected for about two months until the opera house’s website and box office were shut down, prompting the discovery of an intruder. A third-party forensic investigation revealed that cybercriminals had accessed and stolen personal information between September and December. The Metropolitan Opera responded to the incident by offering affected individuals one year of credit monitoring services. The lawsuit accuses the opera house of failing to adequately detect the intrusion and of delaying the disclosure of the breach to those affected. The Metropolitan Opera, however, denies the allegations and maintains that the case lacks merit.